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Hotel Booking Pro 1.0 is a desktop version of
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Hotel Booking Pro 1.0 is a desktop version of The application itself seems to be a customized web browser that connects strictly to and allows you to use their booking and budget services. Their standard service is hotel room booking, but they also offer car rentals, and airfare tickets. Hotel Booking Pro searches for fares on a variety of websites and displays their results starting with the cheaper ones. The application will automatically detect where you are from and display text on your language. It will also calculate fares on your local currency, which is good, but at times can be quite frustrating. The results I was shown seemed to be on par with what is being charged nowadays. From within the application, you can go to the car rentals and the airfare tickets by simply clicking on their respective buttons. There is a home button on the top of the application to go back to the main page. One little annoyance I encountered is that you can't pick dates that are not from the current year. Thus, you can't try to book a flight from 2010 now (August, 2009). Most other web services allow you to pick the year, Hotel Booking Pro won't. All in all, using this program is the same as browsing, so if you don't like installing applications, you can reserve anything without it.

José Fernández
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